SPCA to investigate case of animal cruelty against NW CPA

By Ramotswedi Rammutla 06 March 2021

Chickens feeding on the carcasses of other dead chickens at a farm in Ventersdorp. The farm is managed by the Bakwena Ba ga Molopyane – Uitkyk CPA. Picture by TM.

Mahikeng: The Carltonville SPCA was currently investigating a case of animal cruelty after thousands of chickens were found dead in their cages at a farm in Ventersdorp. The poultry project located on one of the farms belonging to the Bakwena Baga Molopyane Communal Property Association – Uitkyk CPA, seemed to have been abandoned by workers in December 2020.

According to the SPCA only 19 Chickens were saved and were signed over by the chairperson of the CPA Peter Mabe to them; and are under their care while they still investigating the matter.

When The Maftownian visited the site on Saturday, March 06 we were met by a foul smell. Initially we had though it was the chickens themselves or their droppings. In the first shelter we went through there were about five live chickens walking about. As we walked to the second shelter the source of the bad smell was then revealed as we saw about 10 or more dead chickens with most already decomposed and some freshly dead. There were still four live chickens who were now feeding on the carcasses of the dead chickens. The chickens had no food or water in the shelter one collapsed as they started to follow us maybe thinking we had food.

We then continued to inspect the larger shelter which served as the main shelter for the 5000 Brown Lohmann  layers all in individual cages. The smell coming from this shelter was over whelming as we forced entry into the shelter we then noticed the nature of the situation. There were carcasses, feathers and chicken bones everywhere on the floor, on the walls and inside the cages. 

Watch live Video of the visit by The Maftownian Editor Ramotswedi Rammutla on 06 March 2021. Vedio by TM.

We were then informed by a former worker who requested anonymity that he has been on the farm and was laid off together with other workers three months ago. He has tried finding solutions but he did not know what to do. He alerted the manger and chairperson of the issue but none of them did anything.

Carcasses of dead chickens rotting in cages at a farm in Ventersdorp. The farm is managed by the Bakwena Ba ga Molopyane – Uitkyk CPA. Picture by TM.

 In a recording as part of the minutes of the meeting held by a concerned group of beneficiaries who have held countless meetings with the CPA on issues related to the management and administration of the land and projects running on them. The concerned group wants the committee to come and account to the community as their term of office has already lapsed.

 The Chairperson Peter Mabe was heard saying “he will take responsibility for the matter and he had been aware and had delegated the manager to deal with the situation”. He also confirmed to the SPCA he was aware of the situation for over two weeks. TM has tried to contact the manager who has not picked up any of our calls. Speaking to the chairperson on WhatsApp he said “I am still on it” implying they are now dealing with the situation. We still await an official statement on what really had happened from the CPA.

The story was developing and more updates will be given as when it becomes available. Other parties had not responded to questions at the time pf publishing this article. These will be reported in follow up articles.

About 5000 chicken are said to have been abandoned at a farm belonging to the Bakwena Baga Molopyane – Uitkyk CPA, in Ventersdorp. The poultry projects has been in existence for a few years and has seemingly just collapsed leaving a trail of dead bodies. The SPCA  was investigating a case of cruelty to animals. While only 19 chicken survived. Picture by TM.

Minor appears in child court for Khune murder

Ramotswedi Rammutla 07 March 2021

Kaizer Chief’s goal keeper Itumeleng Khune with his sister Mapula Khune had since taken companionate leave to be with his family. Picture by Instagram.

Mahikeng: As family, friends and residents in Ventersdorp are still grappling with the gruesome murder of Mapula Khune. What still remains a mystery  is the reasons behind the act.The 27 years old Khune was found burned in a backroom at her home in Tshing Township.

The main suspect a 17 year old teenager will appear at the Ventersdorp Children’s Court today Monday, 08 March 2021. The teenager was arrested a day after the incident. According to reports by the South African Police Services, SAPS; “at around 05:00 on Thursday March 4th; neighbours saw smoke coming from the house in extension 2. Emergency services were called to the scene and latter discovered Khune’s charred body on her bed”. The police said in a statement that they had now officially changed the inquest charge to murder after obtaining further information. 

The matter which caused a spiral of community unrest is still under investigation. It is also alledged that residents hunted down suspected perpetrators and assaulted them. “Additional cases of assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm have been reported since Friday, as community street patrollers and family members  have been assaulting alleged perpetrators for the murder of Khune”.

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Motswako as a form of expression promotes linguistics and storytelling

By Ramotswedi Rammutla, 11 September 2020.

Mahikeng: In this heritage month edition, we talk to one Maftownian who needs no introduction, Tumelo Kepadisa better known as Tuks Senganga. To better understand an individual you need to revisit their roots; a descendant of the great Barolong tribe of Mahikeng with his forefather Mathakgong Kepadisa; who Thekiso Plaatje describes as profoundly as, “a subtle warrior among the Barolong” and Ngaka Modiri Molema recalls as being a hero of the Mahikeng siege in 1889. A role that Tuks Senganga has played through his musiccareer, having being credited as one of the founding fathers of Motswako which has contributed largely to popular culture in Southern Africa and the world. 

“Motswvko Culture is a lifestyle brand encompassing all creative disciplines expressed and influenced by artists, mainstream or underground, that are active in building the arts from Bokone Bophirima. It’s a movement that houses raw talent encored by music in the form of turntablism. Meaning, the idea is to host and celebrate, for example a Bekz Selalome graffiti showcase under the guise of a pop up session where he can be afforded a stage to perform and at the same time have freedom to Graff in peace were the patrons tsa Motswako can access his full creative talents. So we speaking of bringing fine artists, djs, writers and orators, rappers and business people under one roof” Kepadisa elaborates on the lifestyle brand that encompasses what he loves most.

Motswako as a form of expression promotes linguistics and storytelling in the scope of the Batswana culture. Music is one component of African heritage that has been used to pass down traditions, customs and norms from generation to generation through song, dance and storytelling; “Motswako ke ngwao ya mosha; in the disenfranchised existence ya Motswana. Language has lost its appeal, mosechabeng, re itemogela bodipa ba namane ya Tholo ka leleme la gagwe; while playing a pivotal role in preserving the language that could have easily been swallowed by foreign languages” emphasized Kepadisa.

The great burden of the generations of the future remains the ability to adapt to a changing world not knowing what it is they were. “Yes, Motswako at times has bustardised the Setswana language, I learned “kitso ya tiriso ya puo”, and through that have kept the fire burning in our nation’s hearts. This is something to be proud of as we see the reemergence of stanch linguistic outlooks which are now dominating the narrative in conversation about identity and Ngwao ya Motswana”.

“We should celebrate the history ya Mahikeng in its entirety, from culture to its role in the catalytic events that led to liberation of Apartheid South Africa. I say we shouldn’t shy away from heroic figures like OnkgopotseTiro and their sacrifices. Great writers like Solomon Plaatjie whom belongs to this province. Great artists were birthed in this province.  The Great Barolong tribe birthed many Batswana tribes who trace their lineage to this very province. So there is much still to be discovered about our province Bokone Bophirima” adds Tuks Senganga.

Tuks Senganga – Motswako Culture releases his latest single Mophando on Soundcloud.com. The single in a prelude to the upcoming album “The album is dropping between October and November, still deciding. But Word is bond; it is coming out this year!”.

#Mphando https://soundcloud.com/motswvkoculture/mphando

What better time that he released his latest single from an upcoming album, “Mahn! Mophando is a war cry for people who are working and hustling hard to put food on the table. Unemployment is really killing the youth and old alike. My experience is that of being on a roller-coaster in my line of work. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. You never know where your next plate of food is going to spring up from. Take for example the Covid 19 Pandemic and where it has left many people without jobs. This has forced many to look outside their line of work to get by. Ke Mophando when I start scraping for crumbs elsewhere. We do what we have to do to feed our families” Kepadisa filling us in on his latest single released on September 10 on Soundcloud.

Tavern murder suspect rescued from Mob justice

Tlokwe: The South African Police Service in Potchefstroom apprehended a murder suspect after he was saved by an off duty police officer from a mob of community members. The incident took place at Kopano Tavern in the Central Business District (CBD) on Monday September 07.

According to police statements the suspect allegedly met with the victim, 20 year old Vincent Letlojane, his girlfriend and a friend when an argument ensued. The scuffle led to the suspect taking out a knife and stabbing Letlojane repeatedly on the chest. After the incident a furious group of community members attacked the suspect, when the off duty police officer rescued him and called the police and paramedics. He was taken to the hospital for medical attention and was expected to appear in the Potchefstroom Magistrates’ Court as soon as he was discharged.

Violent crimes seem to be rearing their ugly head as lockdown movements are eased. In another unrelated case a 27 year old woman was due in the Moretele magistrate’s court on Wednesday September 9 for the murder ofher boyfriend’s suspected side chick. The women allegedly stabbed Christinah Ditsele with a knife on the chest.This after she had an argument with her boyfriend accusing him of cheating with Detsele; the man fled the scene after seeing the knife. The suspect then attacked Ditsele. The suspect was arrested on Monday September 07 near Brits and charged with murder.

The North West Provincial Commissioner, Lieutenant General Sello Kwena thanked the member for his bravery and urged members of the community to work with the police in fighting crime and not to take the law into their own hands as well as to solve their differences in a non-violent fashion.

Zeerust police station closed due to COVID 19

Zeerust: The South African Police Service has announced that the Zeerust police station was currently closed due to one of its member having tested positive for Covid-19. The station will be operating from a mobile CSC placed in front of the station, as a contingency. The station can be reached on 0609879878 or 0609879880 as the normal contacts are not working. The station was undergoing decontamination while those that have come in contact with the infected member are undergoing screening and testing. The community will be informed when the station will be operational again. 

Political parties call for Makolomakwa’s head

Ramotswedi Rammutla, 11 September 2020

Mahikeng: Following allegations of misappropriation of COVID 19 relief funding the Executive Mayor, Justice Makolomakwa of the Ngaka Modiri Molema District Municipality faces a motion of no confidence from the Economic Freedom Fighter as well as rumors of a call to step down by factions within his party the African National Congress. The community outcry over the multimillion expenditure, has seen the municipality deny any claims of corruption; calling it unforeseen and unavoidable expenditure. The spending which was estimated at 93 million over four months includes spending on water and sanitation, accommodation and PPE and sanitizers.

“The Municipality in the 2019/20 had budgeted R 60 million for Operations and Maintenance which is inclusive of Water Material, maintenance of Water and Sanitation Infrastructure, therefore these plans were in the approved budget of the Municipality and only spent R 52, 574,838.12 thereof “said Makolomakwa in a virtual media briefing.

Makolomakwa also added that municipality recorded unforeseen and unavoidable expenditure on accommodation totaling R 2,766,948.01 million, this he said was for officials of water services deployed in various Local Municipalities as they could not travel due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Municipality funded through the Vote of the Executive Mayor and that of the Municipal Manager. Disinfections of municipal facilities – R 152,325.00 thousand, the service was procured before the delivery of disinfectors of which thereafter, the municipality was using the services of fire and rescue unit. The large purchases included Sanitizers at R 1,729,850.00 million, Masks  at R 515, 869.57 thousand,  Latex gloves  at R 80,217.39 thousand, Soaps at R 480,000.00 thousand  and  Non-contact thermometers  at R 84,992.70 thousand at a total of R5,810,202.67 million.

“It is important to note that National Treasury issued a directive to all Municipalities to consider reprioritization of 2019/20 MIG funds for the purpose of curbing the COVID-19 pandemic. It is therefore against this background, that the Municipality has prioritized projects amounting to R39, 500 million, and only R32 million was approved leaving an outstanding project of R7,500 million unapproved. Just a reminder, R32 million projects will be prioritized against R 299, 499 million of the MIG which was initially allocated to the municipality at the beginning of the financial year” reported Makolomakwa.

The EFF has rejected the response calling it misleading as the report deferred from that which was presented in the council meeting. “It appears that the mayor misled the public and the media as he presented a different report than the one that was presented in a council sitting. To perpetuate his lies, the mayor claims that officials could not be kept under one roof as they were more than 50, but report states that accommodation was booked for 42 officials in Delareyville, Setlagole, Disaneng and Lichtenburg and does not mention anything about officials being booked in Zeerust. This proves that more than R27 million spent in a month for booking accommodation for officials remains unaccounted for” said EFF regional secretary, Dintwe Mekgwe.

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