Premier Maape and Minister Mchunu inspects Madibeng water treatment plant


Brits – North West Premier Bushy Maape together with Minister of Water and Sanitation, Senzo Mchunu made an oversight visit to the Brits water treatment plant in Madibeng Local Municipality this to assess the status and develop a remedial action plan to respond to challenges bedevilling provision of water services in this municipality.


In the recent past several concerns have been raised by residents with regards to the poor quality of water provision by the municipality.


The entourage included Executive Mayor, Joseph Ratloi as well as Deputy Minister David Mahlobo, concerns were raised with the appalling state of the treatment plant, calling for a swift action to be employed to address the matter.


“The municipality will expedite all processes in bringing about change in this project. This is done in the interests of our communities. I further commit that all relevant authorities will move with speed in adhering to the set out the deadlines” said Executive Mayor, Joseph Ratlou.



“We are duty bound to respond to challenges of service delivery in our province. And as per the dictates of the constitution municipalities are legally obligated to carry this constitutional imperative. We are confident that the completion of the project will bring much needed relief to our people. We will be monitoring progress from the province to make sure that actions agreed upon are implemented”   added Bushy Maape.

Opinion and Anlysis

Picture by BPP
Tswaing: Batho Pele Party (BPP) has written to the Human Rights Commission of South Africa (SAHRC) after conducting an oversight visit to Sannieshof and Ottosdal. The oversight comes after BPP was alerted to the desperate situation that these communities have to endure. 
The residents of Agisanang and Letsopa townships in Tswaing Local Municipality, NW have had no choice but to live with the unbearable stench of faeces for over five years.  Whiles you make your way around these townships there is a possibility that when you turn around a random corner you will be confronted by a street submerged in sewer accompanied with an awful stench of human waste; that is how widespread sewage spills are. 

The worst-affected residential areas with major environmental and health concerns are Ditshoswane informal settlement and Agisanang in Sannieshof. The sewer is growing into a swamp of human waste and pollution. This will likely be the source of air and water borne diseases when temperatures increase due to the upcoming summer season. SAHRC has confirmed that it will be investigated the matter and as BPP we are hopeful that the people of Agisanang and Letsopa will find redress to this protruded problem; for now, our hope rests with SAHRC to intervene as this is a gross violation of the rights of the community who have been denied access to adequate and proper sanitation. 

It is clear that the council of Tswaing Local Municipality, down to the portfolio committee responsible and administration lack the leadership and political will to turn the situation around because no effort has been made to address the matter; clearly pointing out that it was never a mistake for the MEC of Cooperative Governance, MEC Cwaile, to call for the disbandment of this municipality.
By Neo Moroeng BPP Convener

Get on the line up, Spring Brake 2021

By Ramotswedi Rammutla

Mahikeng:  Street KID Media Foundation has announced the opening of the Auditions for the Bakwena Baga Molopyane Heritage Week 2021. The festival which will be held differently in 2021; auditions will open to those wishing to perform and form part of the line up for the annually hosted provincial event.

The week encompasses the Proudly Bokone Bophirima Arts Conference, Spring Brake Arts Festival and the Boikhutso Children’s Theater; the hybrid events are due to take place between September and December 2021 both physically and digitally.

The organisation has announced that they will host mock auditions on September 18th which will act as the initial auditions for local artists and groups, the main auditions will be held on September 25th both at Love and Peace Street in Tsetse Village, Mahikeng. Online Auditions will also be opened for those outside Mahikeng and other areas from September 18th and close on September 30th

Participants are requested to register through the organisations Facebook page, or by contacting the administrators on 076337873 and 0609148905 on WhatsApp.

Participants are expected to submit performance video clips (no longer than 60 seconds) or audio tracks on the organisations Facebook page, the participants will be judged on the number of likes and participation on their submitted clips and links. The highest likes will get you space on the lie up. While physical selection would be made at the auditions in Tsetse Village.

Artists are encouraged to enter and get an opportunity to form part of the biggest local artist engagement and exchange in Bokone Bophirima. Please note that all COVID 19 protocols will be adhered to; no mask no entry and social distancing must be maintained.

Mabale to present Setswana screenwriting workshop

By Ramotswedi Rammutla

Mahikeng: The Writers Guild of South Africa, WGSA will from September 10th to 12th host an Indigenous screenwriting programme for Setswana. The programme will be presented by WGSA vice chairperson Tshenolo Mabale at the Mmabana Foundation in Mmabatho from Friday September 10 at 14:00; she will share her experience with participants interested in screen writing in Setswana. Mabale a seasoned screen writer having worked on Scandal, Greed& Desire, The Alliance, Lockdown 1 & 2, The Throne, Emoyeni, Generations and DeepCity is a South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTA) winner.

Mabale believes that professionalism and passion for writing are keys to success in the writing business; “Firstly, screenwriting is a job! Like any other. You have to take it seriously. For emerging screenwriters out there, I believe it starts with an inescapable need to want to write.”

She believe that the programme will provide the basic tools to those wishing to enter the industry; “The WGSA Indigenous Screenwriting Programme is specific in its aim to provide the basic screenwriting tools to emerging writers that live outside of the big cities of South Africa, who otherwise wouldn’t easily have access to such a great opportunity. They are presented in the indigenous languages spoken by the people of those areas. On a broader scale, the WGSA hopes the rest of the players within the South African TV & Film industry will adopt a real and measurable inclusivity of indigenous languages for writers to submit works in their natural mother tongue”.

The programme is for anyone with interest and will cover aspects like “Screenwriting is a job; Script; Story; Structure. The aim is to outline an introductory understanding to the screenwriting profession. The outcome at the end of the workshop is for participants to walk away with a product. Participants will produce professional short scripts that they can submit to the 2021 WGSA Muse Awards, which is a great platform of exposure for both the working and emerging screenwriter”.

Mabale also believes that the role of authentic stories as well as the marginalized should be brought forth by getting others to tell their stories. She says that she represents most of her own life experiences into her scripts and that is what makes her work rewarding. “I just want to tell stories that transform the spirit of a person to open up a small part within them to allow for positive growth in their lives. The role of women in the sector has always been there in the industry. The backbone of the industry is carried by women!. But we want more, and it’s now becoming unavoidable to the gate-keepers because writers like me, and many other wonderful women out there work tirelessly, we are no longer backing down. We want that gwap and we are getting it by any means necessary” concludes Mabale

To book your seat at the workshop visit https// and

Why Mokgoro had to go?

By Ramotswedi Rammutla

Who is Bushy Maape ?

Premier Bushy Maape was sworn in by the NW Provincial Legislature on September 07 and take up his seat at the helm of the provincial administration.

Mahikeng: Premier Kaobitsa Abel Bushy Maape (64) is the incumbent for the premier position in the North West province.  Maape is an academic and a former Robben Island prisoner. He holds seniority in the ANC for his antiapartheid struggle credential. He was one of the first six ANC prisoners released from Robben Island following President F.W. de Klerk’s decision to release political prisoners. He has been deployed in the office of the premier as well as other positions in the provincial government. Before his appointment he served as Premier Job Mokgoro’s Economic advisor. He also holds degrees in Psychology, economics, development, management and governance.

Maape has served as chairperson of the ANC’s Kgalagadi region, the director: RDP, chief director: strategic planning and development unit in the Office of the Premier, the Ministerial Advisory Committee of the Department of Provincial and Local Government as well as a member of the Municipal Demarcation Board.

Why Mokgoro had to go?

Mmabatho: Mokgoro’s exit has been in the works for months and tension had already build up between him and the ANC. Provincially he had already been challenged from the day he was appointed premier. He was always seen as a weak and unpopular leader from the onset after having replaced his then boss Supra Mahumapelo in a scenario now playing out in his own replacement.

The ANC had blamed him for the collapse of municipalities in the NW. Rewind to 2018; Mokgoro had inherited a province already marred by allegations of corruption, he was appointed to rescue the situation after the removal of the former premier. Sources have said that he was already starting to raise red flags in addressing his mandate and this was going to cause problems for some in the province who had their hands in the state coffers.

According to the Daily Maverick his allies have likened what had happened to Mokgoro as a “coup d’état” and a “power grab”…they believed that some people wanted to push him out because the party is due to go to a provincial conference by March next year, and people needed resources to campaign. These guys don’t have funds… “They can’t buy the conference, and they can’t steal the conference. The only way they can do this is by taking over the state apparatus.” 

His last push back as premier was the feud he had with Mmolokie Cwaile who he had dismissed recently and replaced with Lenah Miga which was to be his last act as Premier.

Why not any of the candidates?

Johannesburg: According to the ANC Bushy “Maape is reportedly seen as a compromise candidate to appease party factions”.

“Let me be me”  Kefilwe “Ndofaya” Modise

I didn’t have much, but I make sure I make something with what I get

By Ramotswedi Rammuta

Mahikeng: In our Women’s month edition we feature Kefilwe “Ndofaya” Modise well known as the Brand connector a social media influencer revered for her high than life personality that has earned her a reputation in Bokone Bophirima. Born in Mocoseng Village in Mahikeng Ndofaya is Chief Executive Officer of The Brand Connector an advertising and marketing company she started in 2018 specialising in social media marketing and management.

She has helped numerous businesses grow their customer base using her influence online and through promotions. A motivated women and mother of two she continues to build her brand and those of others around her and was set to spread her wings even wider. When asked, what makes her ticks? She replied; “Seeing people around me, people I grew up with progressing that make me tick; makes me want to do more, it says to me, go for it, there’s more.”

Ndofaya was inspired by a friend to start her business; “I was inspired by a young man called Thuto Shuping from Taung, while residing there in 2018. He always told me; “You know what Ndosi, you have this drive for marketing, promoting, and for sales. You are one of those people that can convince a person to buy stones, thinking they are gold; you can get a person to love something he had no interest in. You make me see things from a different perspective.”

In these trying times with a pandemic in the midst many entrepreneurs are de-motivated and Ndofaya seems to be right in her element closing a gap, Her funny videos on Facebook have got local users raving landing her national recognition. She recently featured on a current affairs programme on national news channel Newzroom Afrika where she was talking about youth and entrepreneurship. She says her kids are her greatest motivation in life; “My kids, God blessed me with two beautiful kids, whenever I look at them, I realise that there is more to life. They inspire me to do more. I want what’s best for them, and also for them to learn that life is not all rosy, they need to learn to fend for themselves, learn the hustle of life and not expect anything on a silver platter. They should be a little bit more like me. (As she giggles!!!). I didn’t have much, but I make sure I make something with what I get.”

Ending off woman’s month and starting of her birthday month in September Ndofaya believes that every women has her space in the world and should be allowed to shine and celebrated; “I want people to let me be me, I like to be corrected, I like being advised, I would say I’m a good listener, and I appreciate positive critics. Let’s instil confidence in one another (as women and girls); you know nothing upsets me like a beautiful woman who cannot see her self-worth, who has decided to dim her own light. So I believe together we shine brighter and in our own different ways” concludes Ndofaya.

Motlalepule Rosho sworn-in as caretaker Premier NW

 by Ramotswedi Rammutla


North West Executive Council elects Finance MEC Motlalepula Rosho as acting premier.


Mahikeng – North West Finance MEC Motlalepula Rosho was on Thursday, August 26 sworn-in as the Acting Premier of North West.

This after the resignation of Professor Job Mokgoro who submitted his resignation to the Speaker of the North West Provincial Legislature on the same day.

“His resignation was accepted and in line with section 131 (1) (b) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996. It was therefore necessary that the Executive Council convenes to designate a member as an Acting Premier” announced the office of the premier.

The North West Executive Council had met earlier and nominated Rosho to act in the pisition.

Mokgoro will however remain a member of the Legislature.

Hlomane Chauke announces the premier elect Bushy Maape at an ANC press conference.

The announced Premier elect by the ANC Bushy Maape was yet to be sworn in as a member of the Legislature.



Lucky farmers get Bonsmara bulls

By Ramotswedi Rammutla

Bonsmara bulls donated by the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development to ten (10) young farmers in the North West. Picture Supplied

Mahikeng: The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, has donated ten bonsmara bulls to recipients in the North West Province through the Livestock Improvement Programme. This was to assist farmers in improving their herds and encourage stud breeding.

“In agriculture we can collectively play a pivotal role in the championing of transformation in the country, and more importantly, in the inclusion of youth into the Agricultural mainstream economy” said MEC Desbo Mohono of the Department.

The department announced that Thato Haraba, Goitseone Magaetsho, Luanda Mzimkhulu Malo, Kehentse Mosimanyane, Olerile Legatho, Orapeleng Gabaya, Galaletsang Mompei, Nami Huma, Thulani Tsholanang and Keorapetse Tlhapi are the recipients of the programme

“We already have heifers from our existing Bonsmaras that have to mate with a different bull and this bull’s breeding values are very much stating to be a heifer, so our need will be greatly met by the donated bull”, said  Kehentse Mosimanyane.

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