Why Mokgoro had to go?

By Ramotswedi Rammutla

Who is Bushy Maape ?

Premier Bushy Maape was sworn in by the NW Provincial Legislature on September 07 and take up his seat at the helm of the provincial administration.

Mahikeng: Premier Kaobitsa Abel Bushy Maape (64) is the incumbent for the premier position in the North West province.  Maape is an academic and a former Robben Island prisoner. He holds seniority in the ANC for his antiapartheid struggle credential. He was one of the first six ANC prisoners released from Robben Island following President F.W. de Klerk’s decision to release political prisoners. He has been deployed in the office of the premier as well as other positions in the provincial government. Before his appointment he served as Premier Job Mokgoro’s Economic advisor. He also holds degrees in Psychology, economics, development, management and governance.

Maape has served as chairperson of the ANC’s Kgalagadi region, the director: RDP, chief director: strategic planning and development unit in the Office of the Premier, the Ministerial Advisory Committee of the Department of Provincial and Local Government as well as a member of the Municipal Demarcation Board.

Why Mokgoro had to go?

Mmabatho: Mokgoro’s exit has been in the works for months and tension had already build up between him and the ANC. Provincially he had already been challenged from the day he was appointed premier. He was always seen as a weak and unpopular leader from the onset after having replaced his then boss Supra Mahumapelo in a scenario now playing out in his own replacement.

The ANC had blamed him for the collapse of municipalities in the NW. Rewind to 2018; Mokgoro had inherited a province already marred by allegations of corruption, he was appointed to rescue the situation after the removal of the former premier. Sources have said that he was already starting to raise red flags in addressing his mandate and this was going to cause problems for some in the province who had their hands in the state coffers.

According to the Daily Maverick his allies have likened what had happened to Mokgoro as a “coup d’état” and a “power grab”…they believed that some people wanted to push him out because the party is due to go to a provincial conference by March next year, and people needed resources to campaign. These guys don’t have funds… “They can’t buy the conference, and they can’t steal the conference. The only way they can do this is by taking over the state apparatus.” 

His last push back as premier was the feud he had with Mmolokie Cwaile who he had dismissed recently and replaced with Lenah Miga which was to be his last act as Premier.

Why not any of the candidates?

Johannesburg: According to the ANC Bushy “Maape is reportedly seen as a compromise candidate to appease party factions”.

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