“Let me be me”  Kefilwe “Ndofaya” Modise

I didn’t have much, but I make sure I make something with what I get

By Ramotswedi Rammuta

Mahikeng: In our Women’s month edition we feature Kefilwe “Ndofaya” Modise well known as the Brand connector a social media influencer revered for her high than life personality that has earned her a reputation in Bokone Bophirima. Born in Mocoseng Village in Mahikeng Ndofaya is Chief Executive Officer of The Brand Connector an advertising and marketing company she started in 2018 specialising in social media marketing and management.

She has helped numerous businesses grow their customer base using her influence online and through promotions. A motivated women and mother of two she continues to build her brand and those of others around her and was set to spread her wings even wider. When asked, what makes her ticks? She replied; “Seeing people around me, people I grew up with progressing that make me tick; makes me want to do more, it says to me, go for it, there’s more.”

Ndofaya was inspired by a friend to start her business; “I was inspired by a young man called Thuto Shuping from Taung, while residing there in 2018. He always told me; “You know what Ndosi, you have this drive for marketing, promoting, and for sales. You are one of those people that can convince a person to buy stones, thinking they are gold; you can get a person to love something he had no interest in. You make me see things from a different perspective.”

In these trying times with a pandemic in the midst many entrepreneurs are de-motivated and Ndofaya seems to be right in her element closing a gap, Her funny videos on Facebook have got local users raving landing her national recognition. She recently featured on a current affairs programme on national news channel Newzroom Afrika where she was talking about youth and entrepreneurship. She says her kids are her greatest motivation in life; “My kids, God blessed me with two beautiful kids, whenever I look at them, I realise that there is more to life. They inspire me to do more. I want what’s best for them, and also for them to learn that life is not all rosy, they need to learn to fend for themselves, learn the hustle of life and not expect anything on a silver platter. They should be a little bit more like me. (As she giggles!!!). I didn’t have much, but I make sure I make something with what I get.”

Ending off woman’s month and starting of her birthday month in September Ndofaya believes that every women has her space in the world and should be allowed to shine and celebrated; “I want people to let me be me, I like to be corrected, I like being advised, I would say I’m a good listener, and I appreciate positive critics. Let’s instil confidence in one another (as women and girls); you know nothing upsets me like a beautiful woman who cannot see her self-worth, who has decided to dim her own light. So I believe together we shine brighter and in our own different ways” concludes Ndofaya.

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