Parent appears in court for assaulting teacher in Tsetse Village

SADTU members and fellow colleagues calling for justice at the Mmabatho Magistrate Court . Pic by Facebook

By Ramotswedi Rammutla

Mahikeng: South African Democratic Teachers Union SADTU has condemned the actions of a parent who assaulted a teacher at Phera Primary School in Tsetse Village in Mahikeng. The video that went viral from June 14 has sparked mixed reactions from people on Social media and has shocked many members of civil society and the department of education in the province.  The mother was due in court on June 24 after a case of assault was registered on the same day.

The incident has raised many questions and reaction that pertain to teacher parent relations in schools as well as overall involvement of parents in schools as well as the conducts of some teachers towards parents and learners. The incident is not an isolated event as not so long ago another teacher was stabbed by a learner in Khunotsoane, as well as another incident in Motswedi in the Zeerust area in this instance it was learners shouting and assaulting a Teacher.

Most of these do not go as viral because maybe there is no video of the event. Teachers raise issues of mass lack of discipline and poor performance. This was mainly because of lack of stringent remedies to deal with these within the school system. Corporal punishment used correctly was a deterrent to misbehavior. In the absence of a measure, the relationship to authority diminishes.

Because these incidents range from learner against teacher, parent against teacher, learner against learner confrontations which continue to underpin the education sector. At the center of it is the effects which include stress and workplace related illnesses for teachers; having to deal with overcrowded classrooms of learners from different households and communities all with different ways of parenting.

This brings us to the environment in which each child is raised and what lessons and traits they bring to the institution; though none of these events can’t be justified, the general analysis should indicate that there are great challenges within society and our schooling systems, which seem like a ticking time bomb.

“The teacher, who has more than 10 years’ teaching experience, was allegedly assaulted by a mother who has two children, in grade 4 and R, at the school. It is alleged the parent complained about why the teacher turned back her children for arriving late,” said Elias Malindi departmental spokesperson..

“On behalf of the department, I would like to strongly condemn the alleged incident against one of our teachers. I am perturbed by the incident and the actions of this specific parent. Our teachers are beacons of hope and should be treated as such for the huge revolutionary role they play in educating our society,” said Education MEC Mmaphefo Matsemela .

Parent attacks teacher in front of her classroom at Phera Primary School in Tsetse Village. The vedio went viral on June 14 after the incident. Screen grab

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