Success is doing what you do, and being good at it

Rocca doing what she does best, entertaining the masses on the decks, she plays house, hip-hop and a variety of music and frequents the Gauteng club scene and other gigs across the country. Picture provided

By Ramotswedi Rammutla, 14 May 2021.

Tlokwe: Born in the dusty street of Taung to a life in Tlokwe and a flourishing career in the Capital city, Pretoria; Resego Chigazana well known as Rocca, a versatile and talented entertainer and media influencer. She started her career at the age of 19 as a broadcaster and presenter at Aganang Community Radio Station in Potchefstroom. The star has had her hand in most of the cookie jars of the entertainment industry ever since. Being one of the first female Deejays in the North West Province alongside Deejay’s Giinja, Devine and TDK they have paved the way for the new crop.

Her consistency speaks volumes; she is now a celebrated club deejay, model, events host, brand ambassador and vocalist. Having hosted shows for big brands and played alongside great names in the Southern African entertainment scene. She was on Miss Sundowns Football Club and the face of hair product Jabu Stone.

“I have been in the industry for years now and this has allowed me to travel around South Africa playing alongside big names. Even though it has its ups and downs, I have always found myself back at it. My love for music and the entertainment industry keeps me going”.

The challenges of the industry are many, but Rocca says that they make it more exciting. “When I started as a club deejay it was a bit hard, yet exciting to be in a male dominated industry. We wanted to change the space, even though the challenges were there. Being a female in the male dominated entertainment industry is not as much about the male dominance but how female deejays relate and support each other. “My only problem is how we pull each other down as female Deejays. When we started there were few of us, now there are a lot of female Deejays coming out. Some call it competition amongst us. I remember I had one female deejay that I looked up to, who spoke foul of me and went to the extent of saying that I can’t play or I can’t do this and that, to try stop the attention I was getting in the industry but because of my personality, I just had to keep my head up and show people that I really know what I am doing and there’s a purpose in that”. All I did was remaining focused and reminded myself why I started pursuing my deejaying career”.

Rocca believes that she cannot be put into a box or be in a set category. “The reason I call myself Rocca and not DJ Rocca is because I can’t put myself in one category. I do love music with all my being, yet my love for media as a whole keeps me curious and wanting to learn more and try other things”.

Asked what success means to her, she said that success is not about the money but it has a much bigger meaning. “We have always had this idea that if you have money or a better life, that is success. But growing up, I’ve had a different perspective when it comes to that. Success to me, especially with what I do, is doing as much as I can and reaching out to a whole variety of people and ensuring they recognise what I do, touching people’s hearts, being persistent and being good at it. That, to me is being successful. Money comes after, as a reward for the hard work I put in”.

Follow her on her handles; Twitter @ Resego_Rocca, Facebook Fan Page@ Resego Rocca Chigazana and on Instagram @ Resego_Rocca.

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