Students continue with Shutdown NWU Mahikeng

Student defiance as protest continues with call for free education and historic debt to be scrapped at NWU Mahikeng. Pic by ECR.

Students continue with Shutdown NWU Mahikeng

By Ramotswedi Rammutla

Mahikeng: The North West University in Mahikeng has remained closed since the start of the student protest on Monday, March 15. The university had met with the SRC on the same day to try and broker a deal to allow university functions to continue.

Students who have refused to accept the conditions that have been put on the table in regards to student registration and essentially the national call for Free Fee Education have continued to protest in solidarity with other students nation wide.

The protests that have seen some violent sparks earlier in the week seem to continue to trouble university management.

“The NWU Management had hoped that the situation at the Mahikeng Campus would have improved by now. Regrettably, it appears that some members of the Student Campus Council (SCC) are determined to continue with the blockade of entrances into campus and thus ensuring that the campus does not function since staff cannot access the campus. This is affecting the registration process and other services that registered students deserve” said Vice Chancellor Prof Dan Kgwadi in a letter to staff and students today March 18.

The university has encouraged students to use the online platforms to join the academic programme while those wanting to vacate campus are now allowed.

“The academic activities have begun in earnest and our Mahikeng Campus students may have to participate in these activities online. You are encouraged to liaise with your faculty to make the necessary arrangements. The campus remains closed and students who can leave the campus are encouraged to do so” added Kgwadi.

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