Mahikeng teacher features Rapper Emtee on a song

Essay Madala aka Dala-dala during his performance during the Annual Spring Brake Festival 2019 were he was headlined together with Tuks Senganga, BlackLez and a hundred other artists. The event is the predecessor of his first ever performance in his home village of Tsetse at the Street KID Hiphop Sessions in 2009. The event still takes place 12 years later at the same venue annually in September.

By Ramotswedi Rammutla

Mahikeng:  Sefako Machidza better know as teacher “Dala-Dala, Chairman or tang (a term used for superstar in Setswana slang)” to his grade 12 learners at Molelwane Secondary School in Mahikeng; has made waves after he featured famous rapper Emtee the Hustler on his latest single SBWL release on March 3.

SBWL a popular term in IsXhosa slang derived from the word “sabaweli” meaning: crave, desire, yearn or want is normally used for things that one cannot have.

“During the National Lockdown in late 2020, me and producer RonEpidemic set out to collaborate on a song; I then invited Kgosietsile “Kmore” Morwe who had previously worked with Emtee on their hit “Unamandla“. Kmore then wrote and recorded the chorus, we played it for Emtee and he loved the concept and instantly wanted to be part of it” said Dala dala.

The single SBWL has received massive reviews and a following with the song being downloaded from this link:

A teacher now for eight years he continues to produce winners in the classroom while also balancing a career as an artist. Dala Dala a producer and record label CEO at Loading 99 Music a record label he established in 2016 in Tsetse village to assist upcoming artist with recording studio facilities and expertise. He continues to aim higher and become a role model in his community, because of his experiences as a young person growing up in a village with no opportunities or facilities.

Teacher by day, entertainer by night. Teacher Sefako Machidza is a Business studies educator at Molelwane Secondary School and has an 80% pass rate from 2020. He takes pride in his profession and uses it to give back to his community.

 “When starting out as an artist back then it was tough; I remember we only had headphone microphones to record our music, we would immediately put those on discs and go perform at our local platforms. At the time we only had the Street KID Hiphop Sessions a local programme by Street KID Media Foundation an NGO operating in the arts in our village. It is these challenges that motivated me to want to do more, because people knew my songs and loved them. Since then it has made me want to help all the young KID’s after me” added Dala Dala.

Dala Dala better known as “Essay Madala” says his love for music developed because he comes from a music loving family. “Truly speaking, jazz made me love music; my father, uncles, brother’s and cousin’s loved playing music when I was growing up, so that I think is what influenced me to be an artist”. 

Dala dala started to take his career seriously while studying. He shot his first music video as a student and never looked back after the reactions he received from his peers and fans alike. “It was during my years as a student at the North West University in Mahikeng that I truly discovered and honed my passion and love for music. Moving from my regular fans and now performing on bigger stages I had more confidence. So it was inevitable, when I graduated and finally became a teacher. The passion grew even further because I now could do more including taking lessons on music production and eventually buying my first studio equipment. Since then I have never really looked back” added Dala Dala.

He has produced local hits like “Ontshebileng” by Moj Mabe which reached number 1 on the charts of community radio in the North West and played on national radio. This includes singles like “Dreams” which remains a classic in the local music scene and many other popular songs. He has shared stages with famous artists and continues to learn from these experiences. He was due to release his EP later in 2021. “My EP is also due this year and this is one of the songs from that body of work were I will produce and feature more artists” concluded Dala Dala.

From the dusty streets of Tsetse Village in Mahikeng, to producing distinction in the classroom and now featuring platinum selling South African artists. Essay Madala aka Dala Dala seems to be on a steady incline to stardom. He features Emtee the Hustler and Kmore on his latest single SBWL now available online. 

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