SPCA to investigate case of animal cruelty against NW CPA

By Ramotswedi Rammutla 06 March 2021

Chickens feeding on the carcasses of other dead chickens at a farm in Ventersdorp. The farm is managed by the Bakwena Ba ga Molopyane – Uitkyk CPA. Picture by TM.

Mahikeng: The Carltonville SPCA was currently investigating a case of animal cruelty after thousands of chickens were found dead in their cages at a farm in Ventersdorp. The poultry project located on one of the farms belonging to the Bakwena Baga Molopyane Communal Property Association – Uitkyk CPA, seemed to have been abandoned by workers in December 2020.

According to the SPCA only 19 Chickens were saved and were signed over by the chairperson of the CPA Peter Mabe to them; and are under their care while they still investigating the matter.

When The Maftownian visited the site on Saturday, March 06 we were met by a foul smell. Initially we had though it was the chickens themselves or their droppings. In the first shelter we went through there were about five live chickens walking about. As we walked to the second shelter the source of the bad smell was then revealed as we saw about 10 or more dead chickens with most already decomposed and some freshly dead. There were still four live chickens who were now feeding on the carcasses of the dead chickens. The chickens had no food or water in the shelter one collapsed as they started to follow us maybe thinking we had food.

We then continued to inspect the larger shelter which served as the main shelter for the 5000 Brown Lohmann  layers all in individual cages. The smell coming from this shelter was over whelming as we forced entry into the shelter we then noticed the nature of the situation. There were carcasses, feathers and chicken bones everywhere on the floor, on the walls and inside the cages. 

Watch live Video of the visit by The Maftownian Editor Ramotswedi Rammutla on 06 March 2021. Vedio by TM.

We were then informed by a former worker who requested anonymity that he has been on the farm and was laid off together with other workers three months ago. He has tried finding solutions but he did not know what to do. He alerted the manger and chairperson of the issue but none of them did anything.

Carcasses of dead chickens rotting in cages at a farm in Ventersdorp. The farm is managed by the Bakwena Ba ga Molopyane – Uitkyk CPA. Picture by TM.

 In a recording as part of the minutes of the meeting held by a concerned group of beneficiaries who have held countless meetings with the CPA on issues related to the management and administration of the land and projects running on them. The concerned group wants the committee to come and account to the community as their term of office has already lapsed.

 The Chairperson Peter Mabe was heard saying “he will take responsibility for the matter and he had been aware and had delegated the manager to deal with the situation”. He also confirmed to the SPCA he was aware of the situation for over two weeks. TM has tried to contact the manager who has not picked up any of our calls. Speaking to the chairperson on WhatsApp he said “I am still on it” implying they are now dealing with the situation. We still await an official statement on what really had happened from the CPA.

The story was developing and more updates will be given as when it becomes available. Other parties had not responded to questions at the time pf publishing this article. These will be reported in follow up articles.

About 5000 chicken are said to have been abandoned at a farm belonging to the Bakwena Baga Molopyane – Uitkyk CPA, in Ventersdorp. The poultry projects has been in existence for a few years and has seemingly just collapsed leaving a trail of dead bodies. The SPCA  was investigating a case of cruelty to animals. While only 19 chicken survived. Picture by TM.

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