Motswako as a form of expression promotes linguistics and storytelling

By Ramotswedi Rammutla, 11 September 2020.

Mahikeng: In this heritage month edition, we talk to one Maftownian who needs no introduction, Tumelo Kepadisa better known as Tuks Senganga. To better understand an individual you need to revisit their roots; a descendant of the great Barolong tribe of Mahikeng with his forefather Mathakgong Kepadisa; who Thekiso Plaatje describes as profoundly as, “a subtle warrior among the Barolong” and Ngaka Modiri Molema recalls as being a hero of the Mahikeng siege in 1889. A role that Tuks Senganga has played through his musiccareer, having being credited as one of the founding fathers of Motswako which has contributed largely to popular culture in Southern Africa and the world. 

“Motswvko Culture is a lifestyle brand encompassing all creative disciplines expressed and influenced by artists, mainstream or underground, that are active in building the arts from Bokone Bophirima. It’s a movement that houses raw talent encored by music in the form of turntablism. Meaning, the idea is to host and celebrate, for example a Bekz Selalome graffiti showcase under the guise of a pop up session where he can be afforded a stage to perform and at the same time have freedom to Graff in peace were the patrons tsa Motswako can access his full creative talents. So we speaking of bringing fine artists, djs, writers and orators, rappers and business people under one roof” Kepadisa elaborates on the lifestyle brand that encompasses what he loves most.

Motswako as a form of expression promotes linguistics and storytelling in the scope of the Batswana culture. Music is one component of African heritage that has been used to pass down traditions, customs and norms from generation to generation through song, dance and storytelling; “Motswako ke ngwao ya mosha; in the disenfranchised existence ya Motswana. Language has lost its appeal, mosechabeng, re itemogela bodipa ba namane ya Tholo ka leleme la gagwe; while playing a pivotal role in preserving the language that could have easily been swallowed by foreign languages” emphasized Kepadisa.

The great burden of the generations of the future remains the ability to adapt to a changing world not knowing what it is they were. “Yes, Motswako at times has bustardised the Setswana language, I learned “kitso ya tiriso ya puo”, and through that have kept the fire burning in our nation’s hearts. This is something to be proud of as we see the reemergence of stanch linguistic outlooks which are now dominating the narrative in conversation about identity and Ngwao ya Motswana”.

“We should celebrate the history ya Mahikeng in its entirety, from culture to its role in the catalytic events that led to liberation of Apartheid South Africa. I say we shouldn’t shy away from heroic figures like OnkgopotseTiro and their sacrifices. Great writers like Solomon Plaatjie whom belongs to this province. Great artists were birthed in this province.  The Great Barolong tribe birthed many Batswana tribes who trace their lineage to this very province. So there is much still to be discovered about our province Bokone Bophirima” adds Tuks Senganga.

Tuks Senganga – Motswako Culture releases his latest single Mophando on The single in a prelude to the upcoming album “The album is dropping between October and November, still deciding. But Word is bond; it is coming out this year!”.


What better time that he released his latest single from an upcoming album, “Mahn! Mophando is a war cry for people who are working and hustling hard to put food on the table. Unemployment is really killing the youth and old alike. My experience is that of being on a roller-coaster in my line of work. Tomorrow is never guaranteed. You never know where your next plate of food is going to spring up from. Take for example the Covid 19 Pandemic and where it has left many people without jobs. This has forced many to look outside their line of work to get by. Ke Mophando when I start scraping for crumbs elsewhere. We do what we have to do to feed our families” Kepadisa filling us in on his latest single released on September 10 on Soundcloud.

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