Religious leaders call for ethical leadership

By Ramotswedi Rammutla, 09 September 2020.

Mahikeng:  Religious leaders have called for renewed patriotism in public institutions, this to root out corruption. Which it said was eroding confidence in their ability to mitigate the effect of the global pandemic. This was in reference to allegations of the current COVID 19 expenditure in the North West province.

 “Beyond public condemnation and expressing shock about alleged wrongdoings, the church must reclaim its prophetic voice to mobilize for active citizenry against the twin demons of greed and corruption that are deepening poverty, unemployment and inequality,” said Senior Pastor Moss Tlalang Chairperson of the Mahikeng Ministers Fellowship, an interdenominational five-fold ministries association.

 Tlalang added that the need to protect those that speak out about the rampant corruption was also very important; “Whistle-blowers must be protected and anti-corruption institutionalized if the war against corruption is to be won and the objective to safeguard the most vulnerable in our society is to be realized”.

The fellowship also spoke out on those in their fold who support these acts, “For its part, the church’s advocacy against corruption will only be taken seriously if it starts refusing to receive tithes and offerings from the known corrupt and distances itself from such characters. With our democracy hanging by a thread at the precipice, the church must now more than ever before be the conscience of our society and be at the forefront of providing accountable, ethical leadership as part of moral regeneration,” concluded Tlalang.

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