DA in Ramotshere Moiloa rejects salary increases for Councillors and officials

By Ofentse Letlape July 03, 2020

Ramotshere: The Democratic Alliance (DA) in the Ramothsere Moiloa Municipality has opposed a proposed 4% salary increases for Councillors and municipal officials. Pointing towards “the current economic instability and subsequent uncertainty brought by years of poor governance, compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, calls on municipalities to restrict budgets and redirect funding towards the needs of residents” said the statement.

The municipality has been under Section 139(1)9b) administration since May 2018;“but the provincial intervention has not yielded any significant improvements in financial management or service delivery. The municipality is unable to fulfil its monthly financial obligations, revenue collection dropped from between R1.7 million – R3.5 million per month to a mere R200 000 for the months of April and May 2020” added the statement.

“Negotiations to honour the municipality’s agreement to settle the R50 million Eskom debt is underway and if no agreement is reached soon, Eskom intends to suspend electricity supply. The proposed salary increases for councillors and officials backdate to June last year, can go a long way towards settling the Eskom debt.

Politicians and municipal officials cannot continue to reward themselves with salary increases and bonuses while failing to fulfil their obligation of restoring good governance and improving service delivery” the DA reiterated.

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